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At Brand Monkey, we’re always keeping an eye on the changes that lie ahead with Amazon. They regularly trial new ideas and develop into areas that they haven’t attempted yet. The global pandemic didn’t even stop them. It only encouraged them to find exciting, forward-thinking ways to support businesses around the world. Say hello to Amazon Explore!

Exploring the world from the comfort of your own home

What is Amazon Explore?

Amazon Explore allows you to connect with customers around the world and host one-on-one experiences. This could be giving cookery lessons, showing off never before seen products in your store, or giving a tour in a part of the world no-one has ever seen. You are in control of the schedule and prices, plus get to tap into an enormous amount of potential search traffic. To sign up to the Amazon Explore platform (currently in beta), all you need are some simple content creating products; a gimbal, sim card, headphones and a designated Samsung smartphone. These are all available at a discounted price through Amazon.

Reaching customers across the globe couldn’t be easier

But do they stop there? With the world as their oyster, could this be an early attempt by Amazon to tap into the travel industry?

Just imagine, a customer books a one-on-one tour experience with a hotel owner in Bulgaria (which happens to be the most beautiful and rural untapped location ever seen). The customer is then offered a discount on a flight and stay at the hotel. You may be thinking, well this isn’t new! You’d be right – many platforms offer similar options, however, do they have the sheer volume of traffic and customers like Amazon do?

Over 197 million people visit Amazon every month

So how do you think Amazon Explore be received? Only time will tell. If it becomes a success, we can’t wait to see where Amazon’s customers will be jetting off to!

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