Breaking records at the Rotolight Kickstarter


It’s been a busy couple of months at Brand Monkey HQ. After spending the last month managing the Rotolight Kickstarter campaign, the NEO 3 and AEOS 2 LED lights have become the most funded camera light in Kickstarter history! Now that’s something we want to shout about.

Smashing goals in record time

We managed to smash our initial goal in just 39 minutes of launching! The successful start led us to setting extra stretch goals to reward our backers. Over the course of the month, Rotolight hosted Photowalks, livestreams and events to give customers the opportunity to try the brand new LED lights before backing the campaign.

The campaign was updated with exciting new add-ons right up to the last few days. We even discovered the lights were shortlisted in the 2021 Photography News Awards; the NEO 3 for Best on Camera Flash and the AEOS 2 for Best LED light.

So how did the Rotolight Kickstarter do?

In the end, over 600 people backed our campaign and pledged more than £640,000! This record-breaking number is really exciting for us and we feel very lucky to have had a part in the campaign’s success.

‘It’s a MONSTER and has already become my favourite light’ – Jason Lanier

So now our post-campaign work begins. If you’re interested in launching your own campaign but fancy a bit of guidance or help, get in touch with us today.

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