Increasing customer loyalty beyond peak seasons


The peak seasons are often an incredibly exciting time for businesses. Black Friday, Christmas or the upcoming Amazon Prime Day are the perfect opportunity to make some major sales. But what do you do once those seasons are over? How do you keep getting customers after the events? We’re often asked, what next? Let’s take a look.

Keep the momentum going

Having set up certain offers and discounts for the duration of the peak period, it’s tempting to stop them and move on to the next thing. Keep the momentum going. Start by extending your good performing ad campaigns. You’ll need to make sure you adjust any peak period or time-sensitive content, including images, headlines, videos or copy. You can do all of this whilst your ad campaign is still active if they use custom creative – there’s no need to pause the campaign at all as it will still deliver whilst you make any adjustments.

You’re essentially riding on the wave of the peak season, keeping in the sights of any potential shoppers.

It doesn’t have to stop once the peak period ends.

Scheduling in advance

These peak periods can be a busy time, flying by in a bit of a whirlwind! You may find it easier to plan different versions of your ad campaigns and schedule them in advance.

Schedule ad campaigns for during the peak period and for afterwards that can go out automatically. This saves you the scramble of updating all your content, not only relieving some of the pressure on you, but it also keeps your campaigns fresh and up to date and shows customers that you’re on top of things.

A/B Testing

Whenever you create ad campaigns it’s a good idea to do A/B testing. Having two versions of a campaign is a good idea as you never know what messaging will resonate most with shoppers.

Test, test and test again.

You might have a great image that performs really well on an ad campaign, seeing an improved click-through-rate and engagement. As a result, you may conclude that this image resonates well with your customers, but who’s to say this is the best image to use? In a different ad campaign, you could test another image or different copy style to compare the results. This will help you create new campaigns in the future based on the results you’ve discovered.

It’s also important to assess where your traffic has come from. Find the source that has driven the most engagement and sales so you can maintain that channel after your ad campaigns have finished.

Amazon shared some excellent planning and prepping for Prime Day videos recently in the Seller University – definitely worth a watch if you want a more in depth insight.

If you need any help with your advertising, we are now an Amazon Ads verified partner. Feel free to get in touch today.

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