Everything you need to know about the next Amazon Sales Events


Now Prime Day has passed it’s time to start planning for the next big Amazon sales events. There are three coming up in the next couple of months, the Autumn Prime Deal Event, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here’s everything you need to know.

Autumn Prime Deal Event

This is a new edition to the Amazon Sales Events calendar, an exclusive Prime-user event for this year similar to Prime Day which we believe will take place in October. The deadline for Lightning Deal submissions is September 2nd – you haven’t got long! 7 Day Deals are not eligible for this event so won’t be shown during the event week.

For this event, Amazon have been a little more quiet about things, only inviting selected sellers to take part. Perhaps they’re just testing the water. Maybe trying to create a pre-Christmas surge of sales before their mammoth Black Friday event. If you’re feeling out of the loop, don’t be too disheartened. A few sellers are a little frustrated by the lack of information on this one.

It’s the big one…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Following in quick succession of each other, these are really the big November Amazon sales events to plan for.

Black Friday this year falls on November 25th, with Cyber Monday on the 28th November. However, early Black Friday deals will be starting at least the week before. Cyber Monday usually extends for the week following. Amazon have advised all inventory should be with Amazon fulfilment centres by November 4th.

You may think that’s ages away! Planning and preparation is absolutely key for these Amazon sales events. Make sure you’ve got enough inventory in stock, decide what discounts or bundles you think would work with your products, and submit your offers and deals in good time.

The deadline for Lightning and 7 Day Deal submissions for both of these events is October 7th. The option to submit for these is now open, although currently you can only select a date range rather than a specific date (which is somewhat frustrating for the one day Lightning Deal offers).

You can still submit your prime-exclusive offers for the Autumn Prime Deal Event. Don’t miss out – click here to start submitting.

Exact dates for the other events are yet to be confirmed. Come back to our blog for all the latest updates as they arrive.


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