Crowdfunding Management

Looking to raise investment for your next product? Got an idea that needs funding to get it off the ground? What was once a process that required a fully developed idea, a heap of networking and unrivalled tenacity, sourcing funding for your project has never been more readily available. Crowdfunding platforms have been the entrepreneurs blessing, giving you direct access to end users to help bring your idea to life. We know the intricacies behind crowdfunding management and how to set up record-breaking campaigns – so how do we manage it?

Achieve Record-Breaking Campaigns with Brand Monkey

Campaign Planning

With the ability to manage entire campaigns from start to finish, whether you choose Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another platform, you know you’re in safe hands with Brand Monkey. Much like the processes we use when managing brands on Amazon, we create a 35-day campaign plan – the optimal time for you to achieve the best results. Each campaign we manage is uniquely tailored to the product and audience you’re looking to reach. We spend a great deal of time with your team to understand the goals you want to achieve, planning and preparing all the content needed to reach these milestones.

know your audience

1 – 45 Days: Harvesting

Once the plan has been agreed, the first 45 days are crucial for developing your crowdfunding page and building what we call ‘The Ripple’. Our team works on creating a targeted list of backers via landing pages, test audiences through social media, PR initiatives and ambassadors, so that on day 1 of going live we reach the maximum number of people possible – hence ‘The Ripple’.

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45 – 70 Days: Go Live

Now that your campaign is live, our team switches their focus to managing backer’s questions, comments and suggestions, for there will be many! Communication is so important when crowdfunding. You need to build trust with your backers and keep them updated on the progress of your campaign.

Our crowdfunding management team can operate in shifts to accommodate all time zones and ensure backers are responded to in a timely manner. As content continues to feed in from the brand, press and ambassadors, we regularly update the campaign page, encouraging backers so they remain confident in their investment.

being on time creates satisfaction

70 – 100 Days: Delivery

With your campaign successfully funded, now is the time to deliver on your manufacturing timeline promise and, most importantly, when you plan to ship. Setting the right level of expectations can be tough, but our team will help guide you on how best to execute this. Keep in mind that satisfied backers have just as much power when it comes to sharing your campaign as any marketing platform.

This is also the perfect point to consider your next steps. Where will you take your idea next? Campaigns are highly optimised and transition well onto the Amazon marketplace, so why not utilise it and ride your successful crowdfunding wave as far as it will go.

Record breaking campaings managed by brand monkey

£641,911 raised from 640 backers

The most funded LED light in Kickstarter history

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$610,620.81 raised from 4,162 backers

Most funded camera filter accessory in Kickstarter History

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$1,111,638 Raised from 6,203 backers

Our CEO, Daniel Waite, was involved in the team at Tiffen that saw Steadicam Volt come to life on Kickstarter

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