Enhancing Your Content on Amazon

As the saying goes, “Content is king”! A+ content, as part of the Amazon Brand Registry, allows you to improve your customer’s ability to learn more about your products. Additional Images, videos, written content & keywords are key to educating customers on your product, increasing sales as well as helping reduce the potential for high return rates.

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When you register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry, one of the first activities you should plan is adding A+ content to your listings. In doing so, you have the ability to go into more depth with your products features. It is also a great chance to explain a products functionality such as connectivity, materials, technology and even how your company sustainability plays a roll branding.

The benefits of Amazon A+ content

  • Further enhanced content can improve sales by up to 5%
  • Page layout design similar to website pages
  • Infographics for better visual engagement
  • Improved option to show product in use, lifestyle, deeper functionality
  • Help reduce return rates with better usability description or setup guides

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