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November 2000 marks the year when it became possible for 3rd party businesses to list products outside of books on Amazon – we consider this version 1. In 2008, Amazon began the process of introducing their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model, giving new and existing businesses the chance to advertise their listings and have them appear on 1st page of search results – this is dubbed as version 2. Fast forward to today, throw in a number of algorithm changes to Amazon search engine and we head into 2021 with version 3 of how sellers should plan for success on Amazon.

It used to be that Pay Per Click advertising was weighted in its priority to rank higher on Amazon but since the introduction of Amazon’s algorithm, A10, this has changed. Amazon soon realised that a customers buying pattern was better influenced by what they actually wanted, rather than what advertisers think they should buy. Because of this, relevance stood out as playing more of a role and who better to take charge of this than the brand owner.

What to consider

No-one knows the exact science, but consider the following as having a mystery score attributed to it when Amazon score your ability to rank.

  • Brand Stores
  • Images
  • Sales History
  • Length of time on Amazon
  • Ability and time in handling returns
  • Response time to customers

How to evolve

In addition to the above, Amazon are scoring you on how traffic and sales from other sources reach your listings. This can include Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Ad activity, Ambassador programs, Print advertising, TV commercials and even traffic from your own website. If Amazon see an increase in impressions with greater click through rates and improved conversions, Amazon will see this as a positive and as such, proves relevancy. Amazon customers therefore have a better experience and as Amazon are customer centric, the results work in your favour.

Because of this change, we have expanded our services in key areas that will help influence the above mentioned activities, so get in touch today and see how we can help you evolve into becoming a marketplace powerhouse.